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There's regular full service. And then there's LPS full service.

Typical land planning/engineering companies consider full service to mean providing surveying, geotechnical, environmental, traffic analysis, and such. While these are all important parts of large projects, here at LPS, we have grown to understand what you—our client—might mean when you look for full service.

Our definition of full service is an understanding of the entire picture. It’s not just topography and landscape plans, but construction, cost, and the end user. LPS’s comprehensive services can be broken down into three major categories: Conceptual Design, Site Specific Design, and Support Graphics.

During the conceptual design stages, we consider all elements from placement and orientation of pedestrian amenities to environmental impacts, landscaping, planting design, and community interaction. LPS focuses on the details from the outset of a project. We work closely with our clients and the community to guarantee a conceptual design that respects all parties involved as well as the environment. As designs move forward, we follow through from concept to construction.

Once a design proceeds to the submittal stages, LPS has become known for our ability to work with municipalities to gain approvals on Rezonings, Conditional Use Permits, and other preconstruction applications. We then proceed with quality engineering and quick, efficient submittals. These can include:

▪ Landscape Architectural:
– Detailed Pedestrian Amenities
– Hardscape Design
– Planting Plans
– Way-Finding Design and Pedestrian Signage Design

▪ Civil Engineering:
– Stormwater Management Facilities
– Offsite Road and Drainage Improvements
– Oversight of Wetland Permitting
– Oversight of Boundary & Topographic Survey
– Site Construction Plans

▪ Construction Administration:
– Cost Estimates
– Site Visits
– Inspections
– As-Built Drawings

With each stage, from plan review to landscape designs to construction administration, we create a cohesive package for the project that can be used for marketing purposes or as high quality graphical representations. Most importantly, the plan is also designed to save time and cost every step of the way.

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