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LPS creates spaces that are attractive, impressionable and long-lasting.

At LPS, we don’t just settle on simple “make-it-fit” solutions. We ask ourselves the same questions we imagine you might: Would I enjoy living or working here? Would my children be happy here? What about my grandchildren? The thoughtful consideration of your needs as well as the projected needs of future generations comes through as we create spaces that are not only attractive and impressionable, but long lasting as well. That’s what we’re all about.

Through financial consideration, research, study for future demand, and something we call “livability,” LPS creates spaces that are highly successful.

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  • Baltic Avenue Rendering

  • hearndon single family home
  • HLL
  • Towne Bank Master Detail

  • HHHunt Single Family Home
  • VBH Home
  • culpepper landing community
  • 73rd street home

LPS combines research and study

for future demand with response

to current financial needs.

Thus, placemaking can be highly

successful and sought after.

Featured Project

73rd street residential

Erik Homes and LPS created this unique residential enclave that takes advantage of its proximity to First Landing State Park. Four unique homes face a muse that acts as both…